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Job Title Location Function Sort ascending Experience level Date
European Affairs Manager
European Affairs Manager Bruxelles, BRU, BE 28-May-2023
Bruxelles, BRU, BE Commercial Experienced 28-May-2023
Sales Manager:in (w/d/m)
Sales Manager:in (w/d/m) Salzgitter, NI, DE 16-May-2023
Salzgitter, NI, DE Commercial Experienced 16-May-2023
Key Account Manager
Key Account Manager Oslo, NO 15-May-2023
Oslo, NO Commercial Experienced 15-May-2023
Tender Leader
Tender Leader Bologna, IT 27-May-2023
Bologna, IT Commercial Experienced 27-May-2023
Business Developer
Business Developer Hennigsdorf, DE 04-May-2023
Hennigsdorf, DE Commercial Experienced 04-May-2023
Business Development Services/RS
Business Development Services/RS Bucharest, B, RO 19-May-2023
Bucharest, B, RO Commercial Experienced 19-May-2023
Business Development & Sales Director
Business Development & Sales Director Shanghai, CN 24-May-2023
Shanghai, CN Commercial Experienced 24-May-2023
Service Commercial Support
Service Commercial Support Saint-Ouen, FR 17-May-2023
Saint-Ouen, FR Commercial Experienced 17-May-2023
‎Opportunities and Tender Coordinator
‎Opportunities and Tender Coordinator Saint-Ouen, FR 26-May-2023
Saint-Ouen, FR Commercial Experienced 26-May-2023
Chargé(e) d'Affaires SAV (F/H)
Chargé(e) d'Affaires SAV (F/H) Tarbes, N, FR 24-May-2023
Tarbes, N, FR Commercial Expérimenté 24-May-2023
Customer Key Account (w/d/m) Digitalisierung Berlin, BE, DE Commercial Experienced 23-May-2023
Customer Key Account (m/w/d) Digital & Integrated Systems Berlin, BE, DE Commercial Experienced 23-May-2023
Business Developer
Business Developer Madrid, MD, ES 31-May-2023
Madrid, MD, ES Commercial Experienced 31-May-2023
Communication Manager
Communication Manager Toronto, ON, CA 17-May-2023
Toronto, ON, CA Communication Experienced 17-May-2023
Stagiaire Communication Digitale Bac+2/3 H/F Belfort, FR Communication Internship/Apprenticeship 04-May-2023
Stagiaire Communication Digitale
Stagiaire Communication Digitale Belfort, FR 04-May-2023
Belfort, FR Communication Stage/Apprenti 04-May-2023
Communication Manager
Communication Manager Matranovak, HU 11-May-2023
Matranovak, HU Communication Experienced 11-May-2023
Audiovisual communication officer
Audiovisual communication officer Saint-Ouen, FR 10-May-2023
Saint-Ouen, FR Communication Experienced 10-May-2023
Werkstudent:in Kommunikation DACH (Berlin)
Werkstudent:in Kommunikation DACH (Berlin) Berlin, BE, DE 18-May-2023
Berlin, BE, DE Communication Internship/Apprenticeship 18-May-2023
Alternance _ Création digitale, Communication & Marque Employeur Ecoles (F/M/X) Villeurbanne, FR Communication Stage/Apprenti 27-May-2023
VIE - Product, Brand and Internal Communications for Rolling Stock & Components (M/F) Berlin, BE, DE Communication VIE 10-May-2023
Climate & Sustainability Apprenti(e)
Climate & Sustainability Apprenti(e) Saint-Ouen, J, FR 15-May-2023
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Corporate Social Responsibility Internship/Apprenticeship 15-May-2023
ESG & sustainability performance manager (H/F) Saint-Ouen, FR Corporate Social Responsibility Experienced 30-May-2023
Site APSYS Leader
Site APSYS Leader Chorzow, SL, PL 13-May-2023
Chorzow, SL, PL Digital Transformation Experienced 13-May-2023
Project Coordinator - IT Security & Communication Newark, NJ, US Digital Transformation Experienced 15-May-2023