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Job Title Job Location Job Function Date
Lead Engineer - Thermal
Bangalore, KA, IN 03-Jul-2018 0.00 km B1 Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-Lead-Engineer-Thermal-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 03-Jul-2018
Signalling Safety Engineer
shanghai, CN 25-Jun-2018 0.00 km A Shanghai/Trade Zone Engineering shanghai-Signalling-Safety-Engineer
shanghai, CN Engineering 25-Jun-2018
FEA Engineer (M/F)
Saint-Ouen, J, FR 12-Jul-2018 0.00 km A Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Engineering J Saint-Ouen-FEA-Engineer-%28MF%29-J
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Engineering 12-Jul-2018
Senior Production Manager
Wembley, GB 12-Jul-2018 0.00 km B2 London/Wembley Traincare Industrial Wembley-Senior-Production-Manager
Wembley, GB Industrial 12-Jul-2018
Safety Assurance Engineer
Melbourne, VIC, AU 08-Jul-2018 0.00 km B1 Melbourne Engineering VIC Melbourne-Safety-Assurance-Engineer-VIC
Melbourne, VIC, AU Engineering 08-Jul-2018
Safety Assurance Manager
Bangalore, KA, IN 27-Jun-2018 0.00 km B1 Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-Safety-Assurance-Manager-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 27-Jun-2018
Integration and Validation Leader (M/F)
SAINT-OUEN, J, FR 23-Jun-2018 0.00 km B1 Saint-Ouen/Atagora TIS Engineering J SAINT-OUEN-Integration-and-Validation-Leader-%28MF%29-J
SAINT-OUEN, J, FR Engineering 23-Jun-2018
Safety Assurance Engineer
Charleroi, WHT, BE 05-Jul-2018 0.00 km A Charleroi/Rue Cambier Dupret Engineering WHT Charleroi-Safety-Assurance-Engineer-WHT
Charleroi, WHT, BE Engineering 05-Jul-2018
Power Design Engineer
Charleroi, WHT, BE 20-Jun-2018 0.00 km A Charleroi/Rue Cambier Dupret Engineering WHT Charleroi-Power-Design-Engineer-WHT
Charleroi, WHT, BE Engineering 20-Jun-2018
Train System Engineer
Saint-Ouen, J, FR 21-Jun-2018 0.00 km B1 Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Engineering J Saint-Ouen-PACIS-Chief-Engineer-J
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Engineering 21-Jun-2018
Engineer Technical
Ivy City, DC, US 30-Jun-2018 0.00 km B1 Washington/IvyCity Engineering DC Ivy-City-Engineer-Technical-DC
Ivy City, DC, US Engineering 30-Jun-2018
Project Contract Manager SLR D&C
Surry Hills, NSW, AU 21-Jun-2018 0.00 km B2 Surry Hills Legal NSW Surry-Hills-Project-Contract-Manager-SLR-D&C-NSW
Surry Hills, NSW, AU Legal 21-Jun-2018
Video Analytics Engineer
VILLEURBANNE, FR 17-Jul-2018 0.00 km A Villeurbanne/Bel Air Engineering VILLEURBANNE-Video-Analytics-Engineer
VILLEURBANNE, FR Engineering 17-Jul-2018
Junior Fleet Coordinator
Warsaw, PL 24-Jun-2018 0.00 km A Warszawa/Emilii Plater Others Warsaw-Junior-Fleet-Coordinator
Warsaw, PL Others 24-Jun-2018
Train Tracer Failure Analyst
Warsaw, MZ, PL 27-Jun-2018 0.00 km A Warszawa/Emilii Plater Others MZ Warsaw-Train-Tracer-Failure-Analyst-MZ
Warsaw, MZ, PL Others 27-Jun-2018
Mechanical Engineer
Motala, SE 15-Jul-2018 0.00 km B2 Motala/Linjegatan Engineering Motala-Mechanical-Design-Engineer
Motala, SE Engineering 15-Jul-2018
Signalling System Engineer
Charleroi, WHT, BE 12-Jul-2018 0.00 km 4L Charleroi/Rue Cambier Dupret Engineering WHT Charleroi-Signalling-System-Engineer-WHT
Charleroi, WHT, BE Engineering 12-Jul-2018
Quality Engineer
Xi'an, 61, CN 16-Jul-2018 0.00 km A XiAn/Cao Tan 3 Road Quality & Continuous Improvement 61 Xi'an-Quality-Engineer-61
Xi'an, 61, CN Quality & Continuous Improvement 16-Jul-2018
Validation Engineer
Bangalore, KA, IN 29-Jun-2018 0.00 km A Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-Validation-Engineer-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 29-Jun-2018
EMC Engineer
Bangalore, KA, IN 17-Jul-2018 0.00 km A Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-EMC-Engineer-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 17-Jul-2018
RAMS Engineer
shanghai, CN 21-Jun-2018 0.00 km B1 Shanghai/Satee Office Engineering shanghai-RAMS-Engineer
shanghai, CN Engineering 21-Jun-2018
Site Controller
Rochester, NY, US 06-Jul-2018 0.00 km C2 Rochester Finance NY Rochester-Site-Controller-NY-14602
Rochester, NY, US Finance 06-Jul-2018
RAMS Engineer
Charleroi, WHT, BE 28-Jun-2018 0.00 km B2 Charleroi/Rue Cambier Dupret Engineering WHT Charleroi-RAMS-Engineer-WHT
Charleroi, WHT, BE Engineering 28-Jun-2018
Safety Assurance Engineer
Rochester, NY, US 06-Jul-2018 0.00 km A Rochester Engineering NY Rochester-Safety-Assurance-Engineer-NY-14602
Rochester, NY, US Engineering 06-Jul-2018
Safety Assurance Manager
Rochester, NY, US 06-Jul-2018 0.00 km B1 Rochester Engineering NY Rochester-Safety-Assurance-Manager-NY-14602
Rochester, NY, US Engineering 06-Jul-2018