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Job Title Job Location Job Function Date
Account Receivables and Payable Manager
savigliano, CN, IT 12-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Savigliano/Via O. Moreno Finance CN savigliano-Account-Receivables-and-Payable-Manager-CN
savigliano, CN, IT Finance 12-Apr-2018
Technical Engineer
Qingdao, CN 29-Mar-2018 0.00 km A Qing Dao Industrial Qingdao-Technical-Engineer
Qingdao, CN Industrial 29-Mar-2018
VIE Indirect Sourcing Buyer
Rochester, NY, US 10-Apr-2018 0.00 km A Rochester Finance NY Rochester-VIE-Indirect-Sourcing-Buyer-NY-14602
Rochester, NY, US Finance 10-Apr-2018
Testing and commissioning engineer
Madhepura, BR, IN 07-Apr-2018 0.00 km A Madhepura Engineering BR Madhepura-Testing-and-commissioning-engineer-BR
Madhepura, BR, IN Engineering 07-Apr-2018
BIM coordinator
Saint-Ouen, J, FR 05-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Engineering J Saint-Ouen-BIM-coordinator-J
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Engineering 05-Apr-2018
VIE - Sourcing Specialist Trainee
Naperville, IL, US 13-Apr-2018 0.00 km A Warrenville Sourcing IL Naperville-VIE-Sourcing-Specialist-Trainee-IL-60540
Naperville, IL, US Sourcing 13-Apr-2018
Copywriter (Fixed Term Contract)
Saint Ouen, J, FR 06-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Communication J Saint-Ouen-Copywriter-%28Fixed-Term-Contract%29-J
Saint Ouen, J, FR Communication 06-Apr-2018
Transport Control Tower Logistic Coordinator M/F
Valenciennes, O, FR 16-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Valenciennes/Petite For?t Supply Chain & Planning O Valenciennes-Transport-Control-Tower-Logistic-Coordinator-MF-O
Valenciennes, O, FR Supply Chain & Planning 16-Apr-2018
MEP works Quality Engineer
Cairo, C, EG 20-Sep-2017 0.00 km A Cairo Quality & Continuous Improvement C Cairo-MEP-works-Quality-Engineer-C
Cairo, C, EG Quality & Continuous Improvement 20-Sep-2017
Lead Buyer for Indirect Commodities
Sesto San Giovanni, IT 07-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Sesto S.Giovanni/ F. Ardeatine Sourcing Sesto-San-Giovanni-Lead-Buyer-for-Indirect-Commodities
Sesto San Giovanni, IT Sourcing 07-Apr-2018
Engineer Technical
Ivy City, DC, US 29-Mar-2018 0.00 km B1 Washington/IvyCity Engineering DC Ivy-City-Engineer-Technical-DC
Ivy City, DC, US Engineering 29-Mar-2018
Logistic Coordinator
Shanghai, 31, CN 08-Apr-2018 0.00 km A Shanghai/Trade Zone Supply Chain & Planning 31 Shanghai-Logistic-Coordinator-31
Shanghai, 31, CN Supply Chain & Planning 08-Apr-2018
Electrotecnical Repair Technician
Sesto San Giovanni, 25, IT 29-Mar-2018 0.00 km 4L Sesto S.Giovanni/ F. Ardeatine Industrial 25 Sesto-San-Giovanni-Electrotecnical-Repair-Technician-25
Sesto San Giovanni, 25, IT Industrial 29-Mar-2018
Tender & Support Sales Specialist
Pescate, 25, IT 30-Mar-2018 0.00 km A Pescate/Via Roma Strategy, Marketing and Sales 25 Pescate-Tender-&-Support-Sales-Specialist-25
Pescate, 25, IT Strategy, Marketing and Sales 30-Mar-2018
OSPF Designer (Windows Management Instrumentation )
Bangalore, KA, IN 09-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Bangalore/Bagmane Others KA Bangalore-OSPF-Designer-%28Windows-Management-Instrumentation-%29-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Others 09-Apr-2018
Maintenance Worker - Milano
Venezia, VE, IT 30-Mar-2018 0.00 km 4L Milano/San Rocco Industrial VE Venezia-Maintenance-Worker-Milano-VE
Venezia, VE, IT Industrial 30-Mar-2018
Safety Assurance Manager
Bangalore, KA, IN 01-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-Safety-Assurance-Manager-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 01-Apr-2018
Human Resources Manager
Melbourne, FL, US 14-Apr-2018 0.00 km B2 Melbourne Lighthouse Human Ressources FL Melbourne-Human-Resources-Manager-FL-32901
Melbourne, FL, US Human Ressources 14-Apr-2018
Operario Electromecanico Can Tunis
BARCELONA - CT, ES 18-Apr-2018 0.00 km Not applicable Barcelona/Can Tunis Industrial BARCELONA-CT-Operario-Electromecanico-Can-Tunis
BARCELONA - CT, ES Industrial 18-Apr-2018
Video Analytics Engineer
VILLEURBANNE, FR 23-Mar-2018 0.00 km A Villeurbanne/Bel Air Engineering VILLEURBANNE-Video-Analytics-Engineer
VILLEURBANNE, FR Engineering 23-Mar-2018
Project Technical Engineer -Shanghai
shanghai, CN 05-Apr-2018 0.00 km B1 Shanghai/Satee Office Engineering shanghai-Project-Engineering-Manager-SH
shanghai, CN Engineering 05-Apr-2018
Saint-Ouen, J, FR 28-Mar-2018 0.00 km B2 Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Engineering J Saint-Ouen-TRAIN-SYSTEM-ENGINEER-%28MF%29-1-J
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Engineering 28-Mar-2018
Train System Engineer
Saint-Ouen, J, FR 26-Mar-2018 0.00 km B1 Saint-Ouen/Atagora HQT Engineering J Saint-Ouen-PACIS-Chief-Engineer-J
Saint-Ouen, J, FR Engineering 26-Mar-2018
Project Engineering Manager
Bangalore, KA, IN 30-Mar-2018 0.00 km B2 Bangalore/Bagmane Engineering KA Bangalore-Project-Engineering-Manager-KA
Bangalore, KA, IN Engineering 30-Mar-2018
Site Controller
Rochester, NY, US 10-Apr-2018 0.00 km C2 Rochester Finance NY Rochester-Site-Controller-NY-14602
Rochester, NY, US Finance 10-Apr-2018