Project Costing Manager

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Date: 07-Oct-2021

Location: Valenciennes - Petite Foret, 59, France

Company: Alstom

Req ID:166005 

We create smart innovations to meet the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow. We design and manufacture a complete range of transportation systems, from high-speed trains to electric buses and driverless trains, as well as infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Joining us means joining a truly global community of more than 75 000 people dedicated to solving real-world mobility challenges and achieving international projects with sustainable local impact.   


Job Title (Job Code): Tender/Bid cost manager or Project cost manager (PB-CT-00)       



  • For Project Ongoing : To prepare, lead and manage all costing and pricing aspects for new options within the tender team, with the support of Finance Tender Manager on all financial aspects (from Business Opportunity Review up to Tender Transfer Meeting) and project core team (PM, PrXM).
  • To support PM and PrXM on target cost, cost consolidation and cost challenge per sub-system/WP.
  • To support the Project team on costing aspects during CPR’s.
  • Challenge Project core team on SAMP & RAMP idea’s in order to improve GM and Project performance.
  • Coordinate MoB process with all metier and secured costing analysis.
  • Develop Cost Per Unit and secured project target vs selling price.



Organisation structure (job belongs to..)

Region/Site/Project and Bid


Reports directly to:

Costing Manager


Other reporting to:



Direct reports:

On case by case


Network & Links


  • Tender Team (Bid manager, Tender leader, Bid sub-system managers, Finance Tender Manager, Project planning manager, Bid technical manager) or Project team (all PrxM involved)
  • Tender control
  • Product cost manager, Platform cost manager and PUs cost managers
  • Competitiveness managers, Ref Lib managers
  • PrXM & Other functions/ Métiers: Engineering, Finance, Industrial, Sourcing, etc
  • PM



  • Customer (on demand)
  • Partners (on demand)
  • Suppliers (on demand)
  • Value analysis consultant (on demand)


Key accountabilities:

  • For Project Ongoing : Prepare quick costing during tendering phase (New options), based on product cost database and return of experience from project execution.
  • Support the Bid manager in the preparation of the IFQ (Instruction For Quotation), in accordance with pricing strategy
  • Define the cost structure for the bid according to RFP (terms and conditions, etc), sales requirements, etc
  • Define target cost per activities and/or sub system in coordination with Bid sub-system managers, matching with winning price and identified gaps versus Reference Solution
  • Lead cost estimation activities based on target cost approach with all participating units and métiers
  • Lead cost improvement actions to reach tender cost /target price using all competitiveness levers, and challenge the contributors
  • Lead a collaborative work with Finance Tender Manager to optimize Financial costs (bonds, financing, hedging, insurance, taxes, etc), and to improve overall competitiveness of the bid
  • Consolidate tender costs commitment and selling price as per financial rules and in the consolidation tool (Mercury/2.1/ or Ody.C)
  • Control the level of robustness of the costing (consistency between scope of work, costing received and planning), and use the Costing robustness assessment grid
  • Support proactively the Bid manager and the Finance Tender Manager during the tender validation process
  • Prepare the Costing package for TRM (Tender Review Meeting) (cost analysis/bridges, standard report, cash curve, etc), and support the tender leader on the preparation of the pricing sheet for the customer
  • Lead cost estimation activities, in coordination with Bid sub-system manager, for changes discussed with the customer during negotiation phase and update the cost commitment
  • Transfer tender costing data (with related assumptions) to Project (TTM / Tender Transfer Meeting) + variance analysis (from TRM/ Tender Review Meeting -->TTM/ Tender Transfer Meeting)       
  • Support on demand the Project team on costing for variation orders


  • Only for RSC Projects with high level of development or gaps, and in coordination with DtC team (Train cost leaders and Product cost managers) and Sub-system managers:
  • Define and monitor detailed cost target for Product /process items to be developed, in line with Project/Product cost baseline
  • Participate on costing activities during design phase on solution definition, and give the Go/No Go from Product cost perspective
  • Check if proposed solutions are in line or not with Project cost baseline, and escalate if needed
  • Coordinate value analysis during design phase, with the support of Product cost manager and DtC manager; if the activities are subcontracted, coordinate them
  • Build comparisons on different solutions and support Make or Buy evaluations (in coordination with the Finance Project Manager)
  • Animate and collect at train level all cost reduction initiatives (ideas collection and preliminary studies)           
  • Consolidate variable cost at train level and track appropriate KPIs in PCP (Product Cost Platform) tool
  • Deployed Cost Per Unit management activities and secured project target according selling price.     


Performance measurements:

  • Provide all costing and pricing deliverables on time (According Project and customer planning needs).
  • Accuracy and consistency of cost commitment for tender submittal and for tender negotiation .
  • Reliability of cost commitment between TTM and CPR0, out of change of scope/planning/global environment .
  • Only for RSC Project with high level of development or gaps: keep under control Product variable cost (accuracy of landing).
  • Cost Per Unit improvement & Achievement to project targets.
  • SAMP & RAMP.
  • Achievement of Project “action plan” target for the fiscal year.
  • GM evolution.



Educational Requirements


  • Engineering degree and/or Business School


  • Certified Cost Professional



  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Industry



  • Experience in Railway industry
  • Knowledgeable of Costing, in similar industry

Competencies & Skills


  • Ability to recognize product and associated costs, and understand operational flows (engineering, manufacturing, industrial, etc)
  • Ability to analyze and challenge contributor's commitments
  • Ability to define cost impact of terms & conditions
  • Sufficient awareness of financial rules and contractual aspects (bonds & guarantees, …)
  • Experience in Value analysis, Product cost and Cost models
  • Rigor and good analytical skills
  • Fluent in English



  • Results and data driven
  • Curiosity for the product and its environment
  • Ability to work in network (with Bid manager, Tender leader, Finance Tender Manager, other contributors…)
  • Good communication skill (presentations, synthesis, relationship with contributors ...)
  • Comfortable in an international and a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to deliver on-time
  • Transparency, autonomy, anticipation, initiative, reactivity


Training to be performed: Tender costing, Alstom financial rules, Mercury/Ody.C, Promenade (for Service), Design To Cost (for RSC)


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Job Segment: Manager, Database, Project Manager, Pre-Sales, RFP, Management, Technology, Sales