PrEM - Project Engineering Manager - Rolling Stock

Date: 21 nov. 2022

Lieu: Valenciennes, O, FR

Entreprise: Alstom

Purpose of the Job

PrEM is Engineering representative among project core team and has to manage engineering core team to reach its QCD commitment. He applies and promotes the Team, Trust & Action values of the company.

Main management missions:

Accountable for :

  • Is accountable for the technical decisions taken with engineering team.

Responsible for :

  • Managing Project (or R&D or Sustaining) Engineering activities by delivering Engineering Work Package in compliance with the Engineering QCD commitment.
  • Representing Engineering among project core team and manages interfaces with PrXMs and other PrEMs of Leading/Participating Units.
  • Representing Alstom Project Engineering:
    • In front of customer to provide global view of design progress, issues, risks.
    • In front of partners in case of consortium; PrEM ensures that the inputs/outputs and design reviews are in-time, with the right quality level.
  • Defining and makes applied the Engineering Management Plan.
  • Managing functionally the project engineering core team and their commitment for the project.


Engineering QCD Management:

Responsible for :

  • Owning engineering work package and is responsible for it.
  • Following and updates baseline on a regular basis, validates Variation Orders demands (external or internal) requested by project, quotes them with involvement from metiers, and updates engineering work package accordingly, ensuring proper traceability.
  • Managing the Global Scheduling Convergence, with support of Engineering Planning Manager.
  • Managing the Operational Quality in order to improve Project execution, with support of Engineering Quality Manager:


Risks & Savings

Responsible for :

  • Managing Engineering risks mitigation and savings action plans.

Knowledge & Experience :

Engineer profile is a must.

General knowledge of the product.

Knowledge on Engineering tasks to be performed.

Minimum 5 years’ experience on product development and management positions are requested