Performance Leader CoE Electrical 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Date: 24 nov. 2023

Lieu: Toulouse, 31, FR

Entreprise: Alstom

The Railway industry today is characterized by both a strong and sustained growth across the world. The trends that drive this are well known: environmental challenges, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for mobility.
With 6B€ of Sales and around 30,000 employees based in over 60 countries, Alstom develop & market the most complete range of systems, equipment and services offered today in the railway sector. Today we offer our customers solutions that feature a seamless blend of diverse technologies, ensuring optimal interfaces, along with flexible implementation and real synergy in innovation

Purpose of the Job/Objective

  • Contribute to the CoE Electrical objectives for projects under his responsibility along with the CoE Managers and CoE Director by ensuring QCD commitments (of manufacturer) provided during tender phase
  • Implement smooth and efficient collaboration between his internal customers (Integrator Sites), Electrical CoE and Harness Manufacturing Sites
  • Ensure Electrical products E2E projects coordination with the EDL, planning and follow-up, thus getting harnesses and cubicles produced on time and in conformance with required configuration of the project and CoE.
  • Ensure deliverables at the right time for Harness Manufacturers Sites for the project (LLI, NEO indus documentation in coherency with Alstom rules)
  • End-to-end performance:
    • Identify and propose synergies in Engineering and Manufacturing to improve productivity and reduce diversity on Manufacturing Sites (only one “End to End” methodology) with TAID Manager support.

      Monitor the industrial capabilities of production sites and grow supplier industrial processes and quality expertise (enhancing NEO compatibility from suppliers) with TAID Manager support.


      Project Performance Measurement

  • Respect of CoE project planning milestones and WoW implementation
  • Escalate to Performance Manager in case of risk of non-respect of RC costs committed and propose an action plan (if needed) on harness manufacturer sites under the leadership of the Performance Manager
  • Electrical manufacturing site performance improvement progress rate:
    • Quality: First-time right approach. FAI on-time
    • On-time Delivery: First part delivery on-time and good. BOM released on time
    • Technical: Parts validated and delivered in line with project technical requirements and baseline / Configuration management
  • Propose RC costing model evolution based on its own analysis




At Project phase:

  •  “First-time-right”: Ensure Electrical products E2E project coordination, planning and follow-up, thus getting harnesses and cubicles produced on time and in conformance with required configuration (management of config) of the project and CoE. Ensure proper relationship/interface between internal customer, CoE and manufacturing site.
  • Supervise looming integration on train working in close relation with project/site resources on customer site (support resources to integration on train or SubAssy) until serial GO.
  • Ensure implementation of changes requests and modification process at manufacturing site level in relation with the project until FAI or any other date if agreed otherwise. Ensure the harness manufacturer will put in place necessary resources when needed for product upgrade.
  • Identify and mitigate main project risks to ensure key planning milestones (BOM launch…)
  • Ensure proper manufacturing handover with project (at Serial GO)

Participate to the REX collection from Project phase and share with CoE best practices

Knowledge & Experience :

  • Electrical Manufacturing Engineering and/or Manufacturing and/or Sourcing/Purchasing/Supplier management with 10 years of experience
  • Able to work in an international, multi-site and matrix organization structure.
  • Able to demonstrate management of cross-functional teams
  • Ability to prioritize and to work effectively under pressure to meet the deadline.
  • Capable to anticipate issues and to be proactive
  • Customer Focus


Location :

  • Position based in Toulouse

Travels to Harness manufacturing sites, intern & extern

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