System Engineer (Electro-Mechanical Systems)

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Date: 16-Nov-2022

Location: Hennigsdorf

Company: Alstom

System Engineer (Electromechanical Systems)

  • By delegation of TSE Train System Engineer or TDE Train Design Engineer, specify one or several train functions, and associated sub-system(s) at train level and lead technically the engineering

    studies to reach the required performances at train level.

  • toilet, catering and kitchenette and cab subsystems (like lighting and wiper) we are looking for


List of typical Functions at train level:

· Carry and enclose the load

· Protect against Fire

· Provide comfort to passenger and crew

· Provide access and loading

· Connect vehicle and consist

- Control – monitor – diagnostic

· Integrate the train in the system

Technical Responsible for:

· Performing the transverse requirement allocations to the various subsystems in close collaboration with the relevant specialists,

· Performing requirement development, coming from reference and applicable documents from Metiers, Standards, Certification, Safety, Platform and Customer

· Defining the Train System architecture, operational modes and functionalities taking as input the external/internal requirements

· Performing train system FMECA in coordination with RAMS team

· Ensuring consistency and compatibility between all the sub-systems specifications,

· Writing sub-system specification and architecture description (RSAD2) in collaboration with the SSE/PU/TCE according to train level architecture.

· Fill the “Entry “connector” to question the TSS catalog.

· For non catalog components, under TSS design authority:

· Writes the Technical Purchasing Specification (TPS0 - Short Specification) when needed.

· Writes the TPS1 for supplier consultation and manages technical contact (TPS2) until design has been frozen

· Drives technical relationships with suppliers with close management of QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) commitments (CbC), risks & validation (including Design Reviews with suppliers).

· Supporting TSE or TDE to define applicable train configuration

· Ensuring coordination between TSS/PU/Metier on interfaces, performances, technical issues resolution during detailed design phase.

· On TSE request, participating to technical meetings with customer in order to provide support.

Verification and Validation responsible for:

· Defining and performing Train verification strategy in close collaboration with all Engineering metiers, Certification & Validation teams and TSS Team and Participating Units.

· Writing the train level test specifications

· Ensuring the train integration and tuning.

During train revenue service responsible for:

· Technical open issues resolution on TSE request, from investigation to modification implementation and problem closure,

QCD and reporting responsible for:

· Performing reporting at project level (to TSE, via KPI) and metier level (via weekly reports)

· Supporting TSE for implementation and update of Engineering risks mitigation plan, change order process and QCD optimisationProviding Return of experience to be implemented in Reference Solutions.


Knowledge & Experience:

· General technical competencies

· More than 2 years in Railways engineering

· English & Communication skills