Methods & Tools Engineer

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Date: 07-Jan-2022

Location: Savigliano, CN, Italy

Company: Alstom

Req ID:181706 

We create smart innovations to meet the mobility challenges of now and the future. We design and manufacture a complete range of transportation systems, from high-speed trains to electric buses, autonomous subways, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Joining us means joining a truly global community of 36 300 people dedicated to solving real-world mobility challenges and achieving international projects with sustainable local impact.


Job Title & Purpose

Job Title

Methods & Tools Engineer


Purpose of the Job

  • Support Business Processes efficiency through implementation and continuous improvement of ad-hoc Methodologies (“How”) ; while IS&T develop & maintain Tools (“With”) ; and while Engineering Métiers define and deploy Process (“What”&“Control”) : to provide a “complete Solution” according Eng. strategy (“Why”).
  • According to Engineering Management Handbook and local/central Efficiency Initiatives : to improve End-to-End (“E2E”) fluid data-flow between departments, along DFQ V-cycle Contracts execution.
  • He/she contributes with Métiers and IS&T in Solution PROJECT mode (on Workpackages allocated in phases: Study/Design/Build/Validate/Deploy according Project Operating Model & specific RACI), and in Solution RUN mode (for continuous improvement according dedicated Support Model).
  • As a main change-agent contributor and as Level2 Functional support, he relies on Key-Users for local interface with operational Users to distribute & capitalize returns of experience for Functional support (methodologies). While IS&T interface KU for Technical support (tool availability & performances), and while Métiers assure Process support (Rules & Control of application by operational users in Contracts execution).
  • Can be specialized on Methodologies dedicated to some sub-Process (see §“Technical Skills&Competencies”)

Position in the Organization

Organizational Reportings

  • Hierarchical report to : Site/Pole M&T Manager/Dgital Mock-up Manager.
  • Functional report to : Project Manager of new “Solution” for allocated workpackages.
  • KU Network for his Discipline report Functionally to : M&T Engineer.

M&T Engineers Workforce : can be adjusted locally to face large Project deploy or major Change in site WoW. Some activities can be delegated to M&T subcontractors, or re-allocated to other Job/Role according specific Project RACI.

Key Network & Links

  • Métiers for Process : Business_Process_Owner (central BPO) or Métier Process_Correspondents (local).
  • IS&T for Tools support : IT Supporters ; KU-Online ; local EUSS ; IS Solution_Owners ; IT Solution_Managers.
  • Key-Users : to animate Top-Down/Bottom-Up exchanges and reinforce Functional support Level 1 to Users.
  • DM (Digital Mock-Up) network : coordination and best practices sharing for E2E Data Mgt (Digital Mock-Up and PBS in PLM).
  • M&T Communities (Engineering & Other Departments, as Indus, Project, Sourcing...) : to collaborate on Std Methodo. deploy/adjustment to local Ecosystem specificities ; and Interfaces for Input/Output data consistency.
  • HR Site & Central Learning + Engineering School : to design training documentation, consolidate training Kit, and structure Training Path.


Performance Measurement

  • Standard methodologies defined and deployed : with convergence to central standards, and with local ecosystem discrepancies limitation for operational applications.
  • Engineering Métier requirements captured and translated into functional specifications (to IS&T for Tool development) ; validate methodologies through Key-Users acceptance tests, and Integration validation for E2E data-flow consistency.
  • Workpackages delivery within new Solution Project : according Project RACI and checklist for Gate reviews. Report progress, risks & opportunities to the defined Project governance.
  • Fluid communication with KU network with Up-to-date Functional evolutions shared to/from End-Users. Continuous improvement approach and force for proposal.
  • Clear & structured reporting, KPIs monitoring, integration within large Network of stakeholders for active contribution to workshops.
  • Efficient mitigation in Operational Crisis (communication, coordination, workarounds...) for End-Users time loss reduction and Contract context.


- Capture Métier needs, mitigate requirements to formalize functional specification according Tools capabilities,

      - Accompany development progress of new solutions build with IS&T (in Agile or Spec mode with Integrator) : to confirm/adjust functional requirements consistency (formals, implicits, data-flow integration...).

- Study, formalize and maintain Methodologies for Alstom tools usage ; propose & validate alternatives with Métier if necessary,

- Establish Use cases and E2E Story with Métier : to define functional validation plan, and Integration interfaces.

- Pilot UAT (User Acceptance Test) with selected KU (after IS&T unitary tests) : consolidate status and propose potential workarounds.

- Assess impact on ecosystem and dataflow, evaluate change effort, define Deployment plan, and set associated progress KPIs.

- Consolidate Training Kit, assure training of Trainers on methodologies, and allocate training needs within training path modules.

      -  Assure Methodologies deploy among M&T & KU network, animate KU network through regular meetings, and insure their Level2 assistance on functional issues.

       - In RUN mode (ie after Deploy Project Phase closure), Local M&T coordinate Tool Training/refresh site sessions (trainer = local KU) ; Central M&T coordinate inter-sites sessions for new footprints (trainer = 1 of experienced site KU @other sites identified in “Tool Referents listing” maintained by Eng. School.

      - Specialized M&T Engineer represents M&T & KU voice for Tool_RUN at ORB (Operational Review Board led by IT_Solution_Manager). To review IT performance on : availability&performances regarding associated services SLA, analyze ticketings (grouped in “Problems” and under action plan led by IS_Solution Owner), and inform of any major Business usage evolution for a specific action plan.

      - Specialized M&T Engineer represent M&T & KU voice for Tool_RUN at FRB (Functional Review Board led by IS_Solution_Owner who consolidates and categorize evolutions request traced in CRQ backlog). To align with Métier on priorities, and mitigate on evolution/enhancement fix/pack content (based on QCD evaluation from IS_Solution_Owner and within allocated budget) : according a shared continuous improvement roadmap. Then developments follow-up is done in a simplified Project_mode.

Job Specifications

Knowledge / Experience

- Experienced in Methodologies definition for Engineering and Project Offices

- Experience in Solution Development Alstom standards framework (Design, Build, Deploy, Validation)

- Understanding of Tool architecture & infrastructure in order to interface with IS&T

- Knowledge of General Railway Businesses (TIS, S&I, RSC, TLS) to interface with Métiers

- Knowledge of Engineering Design & Project WoW (DFQ, Project Manual, Eng Manual) to interface with KU.

- Understanding of Industrial Processes (Delmia, GSI, MES) for I/O interfaces & co-engineering.

- Fluent English written and spoken mandatory ; experienced in fluent conference-call with “WWide Accents”


Behavioral Skills / Competencies

- Synthesis, empathy, mitigation, resilience in moving environment, pro-activity, sense of Support.

- Capacity to manage global versus local in end-to-end added value for the company.

- Able to manage simultaneously curative & structuring activities

- Able to deal with functional distant networks

- Pro-active to anticipate on Risks & Opportunities

- Leadership, Communication skills to behave as a Change Agent.


Technical Skills & Competencies

Is a specialist dedicated on some sub-Processes & Methodologies :

(indicative : main associated Alstom standard toolsTM )

 Engineering Design Solutions :

- Electrical Design (NEO, E3S, ELSA…)

- Mechanical Design (Catia V5, Microstation, Autocad…)

- Software Design (ClearCase, Clear Case, Control Build…)

- Technical solutions (dedicated to Expertises/Discipline contributors…)

 Common Solutions :

- Configuration & Change Management (CMT, DELMIA_effectivity…)

- Documentation Management (ASK2, KM, ECM D2…)

- Requirements Management (Doors, Reqtify…)

 Product Data Management Solutions :

- Codification, Versioning, Classification, Catalogs (CLAMP, MDM, Pleiade…)

- PDM solutions (DMA, ILSPDM, Sofia, Metaprod, AS400…)

- E2E Data Flow (Tools interfaces, Import/Export Macros…)

 Digital Collaborative Engineering Solutions :

- 3D Virtual Reality immersion Technologies (VRC, Techviz, Unity, Interactivity, Augmented reality…)

- Collaborative processes (FTA, 3Djuump, DMTR, Navisworks, CSD 3D, extended enterprise…)

 Product Lifecycle Management Solutions (transversal competence) :

- PLM for RSC Industrial Manufacturing (3D Experience v6)

- BIM for Linear Infrastructures & System Installation (CDE Projectwise)

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is a lever to running a sustainable and successful business. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where all our employees are encouraged to reach their full potential, and individual differences are valued and respected.



Job Type:​Graduate Job​

Job Segment: Mid-Range, BPO, Testing, Change Management, Technical Support, Technology, Operations, Management