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Temporary Operation - Line4/6 Electrical Controller

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Date: 17-Nov-2017

Location: Riyadh, SA

Company: Alstom

Temporary Operation - Line 4/6 Electrical Controller

The Line Electrical Controller will perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure the real time communication with the Saudi Electrical Corporation (SEC) Operation Control Centre;
  • Control the switching on the 33kV, Traction and Low Voltage networks;

More specifically, the Line Electrical Controller will:

  • Update in real time the configuration of the 33kV, Traction and Low Voltage networks on the networks schematic diagrams displayed in his work location;
  • Control the Electrical Isolations on the 33kV, Traction and Low Voltage networks, giving instructions to the Electrical Operation Nominated Person and receiving their reports;

The Line Electrical Controller will perform his duty according to the instructions provided by the Line Temporary Operation Manager (Normal Operation Scheme, Switching Sequences, etc.).

At the beginning, the Operation Control Centre may not be available. The Line Electrical Controller may be located in the Temporary Operation Control Centre (Temporary OCC) or even in a small cabin close to the Passage Post feeding the network.

When the SCADA will be available, he will be relocated in the Central Control Room (CCR) and operate the Power Supply networks using the SCADA.


All the activities shall be performed in compliance with ALSTOM safety requirement without any derogation


Organisational Reporting

Reports to the Temporary operation Manager.


Network & Links

100 % Internal: FAST Entities Installation Site Supervisors, Construction and Installations Managers, Testing & Commissioning Engineers.

In the Riyadh Metro project, the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) is building 6 Metro lines. Amongst these 6 Metro lines, ADA has contracted the construction of the lines 4, 5 and 6 to the FAST Consortium as a complete turnkey project. ADA has contracted the Engineers function to RAMPED.

The FAST Consortium is formed by FCC CONSTRUCCION, SAMSUNG C & T, ALSTOM TRANSPORT, STRUKTON, FREYSSINET, TYPSA, W.S. ATKINS and SETEC. The FAST Consortium is organized as follows:

  • Construction Joint-Venture (CJV) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of the Civil Works Subsystem (CWS), comprises FCC Construcción, Samsung, Strukton and Freyssinet;
  • Track Joint-Venture (TJV) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of Track Works Subsystem (TWS) is composed by CJV and Alstom;
  • Transit System (TSY) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of Main Transit Subsystem (TSY) is composed solely by Alstom;
  • FAST5 which performs the Common Scope of the FAST Consortium including the Project Management.

Within FAST5, the Project Design Group Team (PDG) includes the functions of Line Temporary Operation Manager.

The position is within ALSTOM team dedicated to the Temporary Operation of the Medium Voltage Network and the Traction Electrical Network (third rail) with the Line Electrical Controller, the Line Traffic Controller and the Test Train Drivers.


The FAST Main Site Office is located in the North of the Riyadh city, close to the Princess Nora University for Women. The depot common to the lines 4 and 6 is located in the same area. The Line 5 Depot is located along the King Abdullah Road around one kilometer from the intersection with King Abdul Aziz Road



- Temporary Operation Manager and T&C Manager satisfaction,

- Creation / implementation and respect of rules during temporary operation,

- Training of electrical operators,

- No accident

- Zero EHS deviation



1 to 10 direct reports



  • Train his team on hazards that could occur on the line (car collision, pedestrian collision, electrical shock) and how to avoid them,
  • Implement rules to ensure a good control of site,
  • Ensure safe activities as per the Work Permit process,
  • Handle any Incident, Accident and Recovery measures on zone controlled by Temporary Operation Organization,
  • Take Charge of overall Radio Communications and OCC Traffic Controller Records/Reports and Memos
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Temporary Operation Manager
  • Maintain and develop his own level of expertise


Educational Requirements

Diploma in Electrical Power Supply Field as legally required to be employed as an Electrical Controller in a Control Centre


Desired Knowledge / Experience

  • Aware of the electrical risks and able to ensure the safety of not electrical minded persons working in an electrical environment.
  • Experience in performing manual and remote switching in electrical substations.
  • Knowledge on electrical substations operation.
  • Experience in Railway Electrical Traction Operation (Third rail system).
  • Fluent in Arabic language
  • Fluent in the English language.


Behavioural and Technical Skills / Competencies

  • Electrical switching on site (High Voltage)
  • EHS minded
  • Autonomous
  • Able to perform Shift duties
  • Able to handle Pressure in OCC environment and make Operational decisions,
  • Able to work independently and instruct Operators, and Person in Charge of tests,
  • Able to Report for Duty/Stay during Exigencies, extended, delayed T&C,

Able to handle Incidents, Accidents and Implement recovery measures





ALSTOM Transport - FAST consortium - Riyadh Metro

Job Segment: Accounting, Supply, Project Manager, Finance, Operations, Technology

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