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Temporary Operation - Line Temporary Operation Manager

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Date: 27-Feb-2018

Location: Riyadh, SA

Company: Alstom

Temporary Operation - Line Temporary Operation Manager


  • The purpose of the role is:


    - To organize the temporary operation of the FAST Transit System (Power Supply, 3rd rail, Platform Screeens Doors, Telecommunications, Signalling and Rolling Stock) for the purpose of the Tests and taking into account any outstanding construction / installation issues.


Organisational Reporting

The FAST Line Temporary Operation Manager reports to the FAST T&C Manager.


Network & Links

80 % Internal: FAST Entities Testing & Commissioning Managers, Sub-Systems Site Engineers, Line Managers.

20 % External: Engineer representative witnessing the Temporary Operations , Operator Representative and Operator’s staff attending the Temporary Operations.

In the Riyadh Metro project, the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) is building 6 Metro lines. Amongst these 6 Metro lines, ADA has contracted the construction of the lines 4, 5 and 6 to the FAST Consortium as a complete turnkey project. ADA has contracted the Engineers function to RAMPED.

The FAST Consortium is formed by FCC CONSTRUCCION, SAMSUNG C & T, ALSTOM TRANSPORT, STRUKTON, FREYSSINET, TYPSA, W.S. ATKINS and SETEC. The FAST Consortium is organized as follows:

  • Construction Joint-Venture (CJV) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of the Civil Works Subsystem (CWS), comprises FCC Construcción, Samsung, Strukton and Freyssinet;
  • Track Joint-Venture (TJV) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of Track Works Subsystem (TWS) is composed by CJV and Alstom;
  • Transit System (TSY) which is the Entity that performs the project’s activities of Main Transit Subsystem (TSY) is composed solely by Alstom;
  • FAST5 which performs the Common Scope of the FAST Consortium including the Project Management.

Within FAST5, the Project Design Group Team (PDG) includes the functions of Testing and Commissioning Manager.

The FAST Main Site Office is located in the North of the Riyadh city, close to the Princess Nora University for Women. The depot common to the lines 4 and 6 is located in the same area.

The Line 5 Depot is located along the King Abdullah Road around one kilometer from the intersection with King Abdul Aziz Road.


The Site Test & Commissioning is starting at the Installation Release Notice (IRN) when a Commissioning Lot is handed over from the Installation Manager to the T&C Manager. It will finish with the end of the Trial Runs when the Certificate of Completion of the Works (CCW) has been issued by the Employer (ADA).

The Temporary Operation Office is starting at the Installation Release Notice (IRN) and will terminate his duties at the start of the Employer Trial Runs.



  • To produce the necessary documentation specific to the line in accordance with the principles set out by the FAST T&C Manager.

    To manage:

    - The Line Temporary Operation Office;

    - The Line Electrical Controller;

    - The Line Traffic Controller.

    To train and manage the staff necessary:

  • To control the Works along the tracks or inside the Technical Rooms,
  • To operate the Traction Power Supply locally and remotely from the Operation Control Centre (OCC),
  • To operate the Signalling manually on site, from the Station Operation Rooms and remotely from the OCC.

    To define the specific protection measures associated with each step of the extension of the area made available for the Test Trains. To report these protection measures to the client to make sure all parties will be duly informed.

  • To produce the drawings deemed necessary for the Temporary Operation and to update these drawings in a timely and accurate way according to the evolution of the site situation (3rd rail Sectioning Diagram, etc …).

  • To ensure adequate Temporary Operation Notices will be issued for specific activities which need to be coordinated tightly between several parties.

  • To perform frequent visits of the site in order to assess the risks resulting from the uncompleted works and the ongoing installation activities. If deemed necessary, to produce complementary Rules & Regulations. To report formally to the Engineer on a Weekly Basis (Risk Assessment Presentation).

  • To make sure all Incident and Accident will be covered by a proper Report. To identify the cause (improper application of the rules, lack of rules or engineering issue). In case of lack of coverage, to make sure proper Rules will be issued.

  • To ensure the persons involved in the Temporary Operations are duly trained on the rules and have a sufficient knowledge of their duties.

  • To organise the collection of the available electronic files relevant to the Operations.

  • To produce regular statistics relevant to the Operation activities.

  • To manage the Temporary Operations on the day by day basis :

    • Together with the CJV, TJV and TSY Construction and T&C Managers, define the Time Frames allocated to the Dynamic Tests (Train Runs) and to the Outstanding Works (Engineering Hours) for the coming week.
    • Define the working shifts of the Line Temporary Operation team members.
    • Organize the production of the Line Weekly Test Train Time Frame for the coming week with the CJV, TJV and TSY T&C Managers. Make sure the Weekly Test Train Time Frame is updated and distributed as much a necessary during the week.
    • Supervise the production of the Test Train Daily Operation Schedule and check it before distribution;
    • Analyse and approve the Work Approval Requests. Transfer to the relevant CJV, TJV, TSY T&C Manager or T&C Sub-system Manager when applicable.
    • To issue the Test Train Daily Operation Schedule, containing all relevant information about the Test Train related activities, including the approved works along the tracks or inside the technical rooms.
    • Supervise the production of the Daily Test Train Drivers Duty Sheets. Check and sign the sheets before distribution to the Test Train Drivers.
    • Provide additional instructions to the Line Electrical Controller and the Line Traffic Controller whenever necessary. Make sure the instructions are recorded by the receiver if given verbally.
    • To control the Works along the tracks or inside the Technical Rooms in the spirit to allow all parties to perform their work concurrently in the right time and in a safe railway environment.


Educational Requirements

University Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Desired Knowledge / Experience

Broad Knowledge of the railway projects.

At least 8 years of experience in the field of temporary operation with a level of Senior Expert.

An experience in the operation of a driverless metro system will be appreciated.


Behavioural and Technical Skills / Competencies

Experience of People Management.

Fluent in English.

Wide knowledge of the rail environment and engineering practices.

Good co-ordination and communication.

Demonstrate a good sense of pedagogy.

Be open to innovative engineering, new equipment, methods, tools.

Listen openly and regularly to the Project’s needs.





ALSTOM Transport - FAST consortium - Riyadh Metro

Job Segment: Telecom, Telecommunications, Manager, Supply, Project Manager, Technology, Management, Operations

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