Traction Project Engineering Manager

Date: 5 janv. 2022

Lieu: Charleroi, WHT, Belgique

Entreprise: Alstom

Req ID:108484 

Nous créons des innovations intelligentes pour relever les défis de la mobilité d’aujourd'hui et de demain. Nous concevons et fabriquons une gamme complète de systèmes de transport, des trains à grande vitesse aux bus électriques et trains sans conducteur, en passant par les solutions d'infrastructure, de signalisation et de mobilité digitale. Nous rejoindre, c’est intégrer une communauté internationale de plus 75000 personnes qui se consacrent à la résolution de problèmes de mobilité concrets et à la réalisation de projets internationaux ayant un impact local durable.

Purpose of the Job:

PrEM is an Engineering representative among the project core team and has to make sure the engineering core team reaches its QCD commitment. He/she applies and promotes Alstom’s Team, Trust & Action core values.


Organisational Reporting

As PrEM, you will be based in Charleroi. You report hierarchically to the Site PrEM Manager (or Site Engineering Director acting as PrEM Manager). Functionally you report to the Project / Sub-System Manager throughout the project. You are constantly in contact with various people: Project or Sub-System Manager; Project X Managers (PrXM), Train X Engineers (TxE), PrRAMSM, Site Engineering Planning Manager, Site Engineering Quality Manager, complete engineering project team, Engineering Metier Leaders, Leading Unit / Participating Units PrEM(s), Customer technical representatives.

Between 10 and 200 people report to you functionally.



Main management missions:

Accountable for: The PrEM is accountable for the technical decisions taken within his/her team.

Responsible for:

  • Managing Project (or R&D or Sustaining) Engineering activities by delivering Engineering Work Package in compliance with the Engineering QCD commitment.
  • Representing Engineering among the project core team and managing interfaces with PrXMs and other PrEMs of Leading/Participating Units.
  • Representing Alstom Project Engineering:
    • In front of customers to provide an overview of design progress, issues and risks. For detailed technical discussions, PrEM must delegate to the right person (TSE, Expert…) who will provide him/her with Minutes of the Meeting.
    • In front of partners, in case of consortium: the PrEM ensures that the inputs/outputs and design reviews are delivered in-time, with the right quality level.
  • Providing regular reporting and performance analysis (PrEM cockpit) to his management
  • Defining and ensuring the execution of the Engineering Management Plan.
  • Managing functionally the project engineering core team (TxEs, RAMS, CV) and their secure their commitment to the project.
  • Providing regular updates to the workload manager on project engineering firm workload including forecasted internal and external change orders, based on inputs from the Métiers team. Challenging inputs.
  • Escalating staffing issues (under-staffing, competences, sub-contracting problems, under performance…) to the Métiers/SED team.


Engineering QCD Management:

Responsible for: Owning engineering work package and being accountable for it.

  • Following and updates baseline on a regular basis, validating Variation Orders demands (external or internal) requested by project, quoting them with involvement from metiers, and updating engineering work package accordingly, ensuring proper traceability.
  • Approving, as a member of CCB, applicable modifications on product, and updating QCD accordingly. TSE remains responsible for applicable configuration.
  • Managing the Global Scheduling Convergence, with the support of Engineering Planning Manager.
  • Managing the Operational Quality in order to improve Project execution, with the support of Engineering Quality Manager:
    • Planning necessary Design Reviews, checking mandatory attendees are invited, making sure they are performed on-time and issues are opened in PSLI.
    • Animating Engineering issues of Project Single List of Issues and being responsible for having C1/C2 issues closed in time.
    • Is responsible for engineering points within DFQ Gate Review checklists, provides PM/SSM/PrEM Manager with his prognostic and takes necessary actions to mitigate a No Go risk.


Risks & Savings

Responsible for: Managing Engineering risks mitigation and savings action plans:

  • Providing PM/SSM with all inputs to update RAMP/SAMP
  • Updating Engineering workpackage accordingly


  • Managing, communicating and escalating on critical paths linked to Engineering:
    • To Métiers Managers / PrEM Manager / Site Engineering Director for internal Engineering issues
    • To PM/SSM when other entities are involved


Performance Measurement/KPI’s :

KPIs monitored through PrEM cockpit, mainly:

  • Engineering Work Package costs at completion
  • OTIF
  • On-Time Design Reviews
  • Gate Review Go on Time (as a project management core team member)



Knowledge & Experience:

  • Engineer profile is a must.
  • General knowledge of the product.
  • Knowledge on Engineering tasks to be performed.
  • For big projects (> 100 000 hours), a minimum of 5 years’ experience on product development and management positions is requested.


Required skills:

  • Be a team-player. Drive the motivation of your team.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong ability to see the overall picture, so as to track the project progression within deadlines and budget.
  • Rigorous, well organized and stress-resistant.


Les engagements de notre entreprise se fondent sur une culture agile, inclusive et responsable qui offre à des personnes de tout horizon l’opportunité de se développer, d’apprendre et de progresser tout au long de leur carrière. Nous encourageons nos salariés à réaliser pleinement leur potentiel, tout en leur accordant l’estime et le respect dus à chaque individu.


Job Type:​Expérimenté