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Tender Sourcing Leader
Tender Sourcing Leader Istanbul, 34, Turkey 24-Nov-2020
Istanbul, 34, Turkey Sourcing Experienced 24-Nov-2020
Stagiaire Risques Fournisseurs
Stagiaire Risques Fournisseurs Valenciennes, 59, France 24-Nov-2020
Valenciennes, 59, France Sourcing Internship/Apprenticeship 24-Nov-2020
Sourcing Buyer
Sourcing Buyer Madrid/Cerro Negro, Spain 20-Nov-2020
Madrid/Cerro Negro, Spain Sourcing Experienced 20-Nov-2020
CDD Acheteur commodité freins (H/F)
CDD Acheteur commodité freins (H/F) Saint-Ouen, France 13-Nov-2020
Saint-Ouen, France Sourcing Expérimenté 13-Nov-2020
Lead Buyer CAPEX - TEMP
Lead Buyer CAPEX - TEMP SAINT OUEN, France 13-Nov-2020
SAINT OUEN, France Sourcing Experienced 13-Nov-2020
Commodity Buyer Brakes - Fixed term contract (H/F) Saint-Ouen, France Sourcing Experienced 13-Nov-2020
CDD Lead Buyer (H/F)
CDD Lead Buyer (H/F) SAINT OUEN, France 13-Nov-2020
SAINT OUEN, France Sourcing Expérimenté 13-Nov-2020
Supplier Development Manager
Supplier Development Manager Johannesburg, GT, South Africa 12-Nov-2020
Johannesburg, GT, South Africa Sourcing Experienced 12-Nov-2020
Coordinateur/trice Achats Responsables - CDD (H/F) Saint-Ouen, France Sourcing Expérimenté 28-Oct-2020
Stage_Stagiaire Direction Achats
Stage_Stagiaire Direction Achats VILLEURBANNE, France 28-Oct-2020
VILLEURBANNE, France Sourcing Stage/Apprenti 28-Oct-2020
Sustainable Sourcing Coordinator - Temp
Sustainable Sourcing Coordinator - Temp Saint-Ouen, France 28-Oct-2020
Saint-Ouen, France Sourcing Experienced 28-Oct-2020
Sourcing Engineer
Sourcing Engineer Xi'an, 61, China 19-Oct-2020
Xi'an, 61, China Sourcing Experienced 19-Oct-2020
Acheteur (H/F)
Acheteur (H/F) Aytré, 17, France 17-Oct-2020
Aytré, 17, France Sourcing Expérimenté 17-Oct-2020
Project Buyer (S&I Roma)
Project Buyer (S&I Roma) Roma, RM, Italy 17-Oct-2020
Roma, RM, Italy Sourcing Experienced 17-Oct-2020
Electrical Integration Buyer
Electrical Integration Buyer Bologna, BO, Italy 16-Oct-2020
Bologna, BO, Italy Sourcing Experienced 16-Oct-2020
Project Sourcing Engineer
Project Sourcing Engineer Singapore, Singapore 15-Oct-2020
Singapore, Singapore Sourcing Experienced 15-Oct-2020
Tender & Process Sourcing Leader
Tender & Process Sourcing Leader Rochester, NY, United States 14-Oct-2020
Rochester, NY, United States Sourcing Experienced 14-Oct-2020
Buyer Barcelona, B, Spain 13-Oct-2020
Barcelona, B, Spain Sourcing Experienced 13-Oct-2020
Buyer -(H/F) CoE Interiors
Buyer -(H/F) CoE Interiors Valenciennes, 59, France 08-Oct-2020
Valenciennes, 59, France Sourcing Experienced 08-Oct-2020
Commodity Buyer (M/F) Electronic Components
Commodity Buyer (M/F) Electronic Components Villeurbanne, 69, France 07-Oct-2020
Villeurbanne, 69, France Sourcing Experienced 07-Oct-2020
Tender Sourcing Manager (TDS SAV)
Tender Sourcing Manager (TDS SAV) Savigliano, 21, Italy 02-Oct-2020
Savigliano, 21, Italy Sourcing Experienced 02-Oct-2020
Project Sourcing Manager (PrSM)
Project Sourcing Manager (PrSM) Chorzow, SL, Poland 02-Oct-2020
Chorzow, SL, Poland Sourcing Experienced 02-Oct-2020
Commodity Buyer Apprentice - Metallic Domain - 1 Year Saint-Ouen, France Sourcing Internship/Apprenticeship 27-Sep-2020